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Surprisingly, iPhone users can now enjoy it too

A big thank you to Netflix Games Stranger Things

Launched officially last November in several countries, including France, Netflix Gaming has surpassed five million downloads for its 12 games.

Netflix games are also available

Netflix games are also available // Source: FRANDROID

Launched as a test for a few lucky ones in the summer of 2021 and officially launched in November in several countries, including France, Netflix Games has confused those waiting for a gaming service equivalent to the California-based video streaming offer. Five games in the beginning, but soon after a few weeks, the SVoD operating system trusts its plan.

If the initial set (Stranger things And Asphalt Extreme Already seen on Android, Card burst Or Bowling Bowlers In terms of Normal Friendly) It was not enough to stun the much-needed players, however they did find the takers.

120,000 downloads daily

According to the company Application Images, The 12 games provided have amassed more than 5.3 million downloads since November. After a rapid rise to over 120,000 downloads a day shortly after launch, the number of different games on the App Store and Play Store gradually dwindled over the weeks to ensure a total of about 40,000 downloads a day.

Netflix Games Download Stats

Netflix Games Download Stats // Source: Appfigures

However, this is not surprising and resumes in a very classic form after a release that has been talked about a lot. In addition, Netflix initially introduced five games, before adding several volumes.

Stranger Things in force

If we look closely, we realize it Stranger things The star of Netflix Games is not surprising. Both games on the list topped the list with nearly a million downloads Foreign Affairs: 1984 And 828,000 downloads Stranger Things 3: The Game, Two titles taken from the successful Netflix series.

They are followed Dieter (top), A game first announced, and Asphalt Extreme, The best classic mobile game offered by Gameloft is now exclusively offered via Netflix Games (so you need to subscribe to the service to download it for free). Arganium And Crispy Street Show somewhat weak results, but they were only launched in mid-January.

Number of downloads for a Netflix game

Number of Downloads for Netflix Game // Source: Appfigures

If these figures promise Netflix, it expects such an offer to keep its users for a while longer. Disney + Or we need to watch the Amazon Prime Video, the long-term trend with real new games promised by the operating system. Admittedly, the games are free, but they often benefit from the initial attraction of interest, and recent visits have not increased downloads.

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