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David Sylvester / "Download" Katia Ricciarelli But Valeria Beats Marini ...

David Sylvester / “Download” Katia Ricciarelli But Valeria Beats Marini …

David Sylvester: Katia defends Richiarelli, but …

David Sylvester Found a new friend inside the house Big brother VP: Look at the grandson of Costandino della Gerardeska, playing with him, laughing and always explaining new characters. In the fight between Katia Ricciarelli And Princesses Selassié, who accepted the actor’s protection, and he also got rid of the nominations, but after the episode he wanted to face the opera singer who had highly praised his vote, “Expressing affection at an important moment”.

However, David wanted to warn Ricciarelli: “If that happened again, I would not be able to protect you again. Because it would be against my thinking. But to me you are always number one. Anyway, don’t be sillyRicciarelli replied that he would try to act differently for any disrespect.

David Sylvester also beat Valeria Marini

In recent days David Sylvester He wanted to dedicate the New Year wishes that have just begun to his fellow adventures. Big brother VP. The actor played a long monologue from the film “Great KahunaDirected by John Swanbeck in 1999 and starring Kevin Spacey, Danny DiVitto and Peter Fosinelli. “Do not hurt the hearts of others. Do not tolerate people who bully you”One of the passages that David explained. “You are truly stellar“, Commented Valeria Marini, Hugging the actor at the end of the monologue. However, David experienced a moment of bitterness inside the house, when he discovered that some VIPs had broken his birth scene idol, pretending that nothing had happened.

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