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Two tricks for WhatsApp that no one knows yet to make life easier

Two tricks for WhatsApp that no one knows yet to make life easier

Using WhatsApp is very important in daily life. From a simple tool for chats, it has been transformed into an all-round multimedia hub, especially for those who need to stay away from home or their loved ones, and also stay in touch via messages, audio and video calls.

It is also widely used in the workplace to exchange graphic materials with your team or required work tips. Although the results are not always professional. But there are some unusual applications of this application that will change its functionality even for those who actually use it as a work tool.

Two tricks for WhatsApp that no one knows yet to make life easier

The first trick discovered by experts at is how to bypass the mysterious WhatsApp algorithm for compressing photos. In fact, many people find themselves in the unfortunate situation of sending a shot, which is very successful to see if it has been pre-treated by the application, however it reduces its quality to make sending easier. Well, there is a simple and effective way to avoid this problem. On Android devices, use an app called iBooks so you can select photos from the gallery and save them in format PDF. This allows you to keep all the quality of the image and send it safely.

A unique place

Easy, but not obvious, these two tricks for WhatsApp to make life easier no one knows yet.

The second is the so-called ‘private chat’. One of the more or less hidden functions that allow you to use WhatsApp in a more effective way. It is very reminiscent of the Facebook Rooms app, thanks to which you can make video calls up to 50 users, but all of these are not used by a wide range of other programs. Zoom in Or meet. Well, to create a kind of ‘chat with you’ that is useful for tagging or copying interesting links, create a group on WhatsApp with another user and then remove it to be alone. This is a great way to create virtual space of notes, which can be restored on any device – even on a computer via WhatsApp Web.

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