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Call of Duty: Warson - Newer LKW Clich

Call of Duty: Warson – Newer LKW Clich

Warson had many bugs and some players are only happy to use them. Now there is a new truck stumbling block that is driving the community.

You should only be with one person Truck Stand next to the warehouse locked in the browser and you will be teleported into the small room as you exit the car. Honestly Every player You can take advantage of this dilemma. You can also shoot through your walls as soon as you are in this room. Of course, enemies cannot do any of these, so they are killed without a chance to defend themselves.

So you can defend yourself

With one Heart rate sensor You can better see if anyone is camping in the said place. If so, you can use stumbling to kill the player in the room. Get out, get back in the truck and continue playing normally.

The The second variant Will drive the truck. Glitter is like that Captured The poisonous gas will do the rest of its time. Here is a short clip like this “Revenge” The average player might be:

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