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Two police officers involved in a Pokemon hunt have been fired amid the robbery

Two police officers involved in a Pokemon hunt have been fired amid the robbery

“Backup Call, 211 Active! On April 15, 2017, Luis Lozano and Eric Mitchell patrol the streets of Los Angeles. Grenshaw Mall, The nearest shopping center. But instead of helping their co-workers in this “chaotic” situation, they decide … Go on a pokemon hunt. Nearly four years later, their dismissal was upheld on Friday, according to court documents released Monday.

Both LAPD agents initially promised not to listen to the radio alert. But were betrayed by their record Dashcam, Who captured their conversations. “This is yours. I do not want them to think that we are ignoring the radio,” Officer Mitchell begins. “Cow, Screw (“Who cares, the worst”), Lozano responds.

“Damn, these things take me out of my mind”

Five minutes later, “Agent Mitchell warned Lozano, Snorlock” (Snorlock in their original version), a pioneering Pokemon, “now appeared”, and the official documents for their dismissal are on file.

About 20 minutes after the call for help, two police officers “chatted about Pokemon and went to different places where virtual creatures appeared on their phones,” the documents added last week.

Brave law enforcement officers lock up Snorlock, but another Pokemon Dodge gives them a tough time. “Fake, man, these things are getting me off the hook,” said Officer Mitchell, according to transcripts.

Road accidents

Two police officers were charged with multiple counts of misconduct and misconduct. They admitted to failing to respond to a call for help with the theft, but refused to play Pokemon Go. They said they only discussed the game – when talking to Snorlock about the “mythical creature”, especially this time. They fought the dismissal, but the appellate court did not believe their explanations and upheld the permit on Friday.

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When released in 2016, Pokemon Co. It sparked the excitement of millions of followers around the world, but this hunt for virtual monsters also caused some setbacks. The popularity of the game is that it should remind players of the dangers of playing on such facilities at many military bases, especially near airfields. Many Pokmon hunters also involved themselves In road accidents.