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Two Point Hospital: Jumbo version available on consoles!

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo version available on consoles!

What do a secret government building and a vast eco-city usually have? Both can be viewed at Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition, now PlayStation ® 4, Microsoft Xbox ® One and Nintendo Switch!

Discover the power of Jumbo in this trailer:

The most mous jumbo version has the basic game, its four extensions and two item packs for a total of 27 hospitals, 189 diseases and a ton of products to dispose of deliciously in your hospitals! Players can go to new areas of Two Point County and discover alien creatures Third type of encounters, Or accompanying the district mayor on a journey toward environmental success In the middle of nature .

Contents of Jumbo Edition:

  • In Big foot, The area of ​​the mountains indicated and the local famous Bartholomew f. Eddie demands better care! Mr. Eddie needs your help to cure common ailments like Back Turn, Party Fever or Snow Ton!
  • Of mild climate Fiberley Island Only on one interface. The ancestral forest is dense and elusive, and the Dobles Mountains are full of fierce challenges that will allow you to unravel the mystery of eternal youth.
  • Third type of encounters There are jokes out there about conspiracies, secret labs and diseases coming from another world like science-friction and lack of humanity. It is even possible to meet aliens there!
  • For nature lovers who want to go green, In the middle of nature Provides new game dynamics that lead to complete environmental success. Discover the first environment of Two Point County, do some horticulture and find a way to cure terrible diseases like nectar and Main Verde.
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Go on time with an adorable collection of 26 retro and vintage items to dispose of in your spare time at your hospital Retro Material Pack Or let your art sensitivity speak for itself Collection of exhibition materials. All information about extensions and item packs is available Here.

Two Point Hospital Physics Editions: Jumbo version available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch Players around the world can find the digital version of this bundle in the online stores of their favorite site. Players who already have Two Point Hospital on their consoles can purchase new content from the respective machines’ official stores. Jumbo Edition Xbox Series X | Powered by backward compatibility on S and PlayStation 5.