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Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires postponed

Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires postponed

Announced at the beginning of the year, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires are postponed without a specific date.

1 Combining frantic action against. 1000, which is very characteristic Dynasty Warriors, In addition to strategic components and control units, Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires Puts soldiers on the hunt to capture ancient China. Players must use their strength and tactics to reach their ends. Find powerful battles to deploy units and capture strategic points on the map like castles. Survive intense battles by controlling these focal points on the battlefield with fire attacks and other tactics, but with siege weapons or simply by force! Throughout the fight, your commanders will execute their strategy and attack enemy troops by giving orders to various units.

Character editor mode is also enriched and allows players to create their dream authority and interact with the heroes of ancient China. Soldiers can live the life of an officer and rule as a ruling ruler or rather act as brutally as a tyrant. Help create a world of three realms, bigger than life with ever-changing human relationships, as well as dramatic events where character relationships have a bigger impact on the game than ever before.

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