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Trump excluded from social media: What do French politicians think?

Trump excluded from social media: What do French politicians think?

Trump’s censorship is debatable In one of the echoes. Excluding Donald Trump from social networks raises even a small, big democratic issue, especially for the French political class.

Google and Apple shut down conservative social networking Speak

Marine Le Pen expressed his concern about the web giants that directly affect democracy. Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon believes that freedom of expression, including Trump, should be limited to the legislature and the mayor of Bruno, while the finance minister believes that Internet giants cannot be their own controllers. . While waiting in the United States, Trump and his supporters took refuge Speak, Except that the same network was later blacklisted by Apple and Google, there is less of a social network to control outrageous speech. In other words, there is no longer any question of downloading the app in one way or another, and even worse, Amazon has stopped providing the services of its right-wing network on its servers.

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Dominic Rainier in Le Picaro uses this formula: Since we are in the middle of a power transfer in the United States, we have seen a transfer of power in regulating freedom of expression. Public Power has opened up this sector to the private sector, i.e. the Internet giants. The comparison is not correct, but imagine that in Europe in the 30s we cut the phone and radio to the extreme right யார் Who can say that this would not have been a good idea? Except that today, if you push a political group into silence, this silence will explode. We continue with auditing and m.

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