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How To Clean At Home Easily In Gmail

How To Clean At Home Easily In Gmail

Gmail Inbox is faster than you think. Cleaning is necessary to free up space. There are many tools to detect heavy emails.

With so many gigabytes available, it should come as no surprise Most Gmail users Do not focus on the management of their inbox. Deleting old emails is not a very common practice, as is unsubscribing from newsletters and advertisements. However, it should be noted that this 15GB space is not limited to Gmail.

This module is a shared storage space between other services Google, I.e. drive and photos. However, both of these products can quickly take up more than 15GB of space, which can be detrimental to your digital correspondence. Cleaning the drive and photos is the first reaction to this inflation.

Clean up Google Drive

When the mailbox fills up, most Gmail users respond by deleting as many emails as possible: old and useless. However, Gmail users sometimes forget that they have another lever: searching for very large files on the drive and photos – there is no doubt something to do between duplicate photos and outdated PDFs.

First, you need to Clean up your Google Drive. See how much storage you use in Gmail, Google Drive and your photos. First, sign in with your Gmail account and then log in To the storage page located in Google Drive. To view the distribution of storage on the platform you need to click on “Show details”.

If Google Photos takes up most of your Google Drive storage, go for it SettingsThen make sure the upload size is selected “High quality” instead “Original”. While controlling the weight of the shots, this will have the effect of compressing without further distorting their visual rendering.

How To Clean At Home Easily In Gmail

Remove unwanted and bulky emails

Confused as to which emails take up the most space in your Gmail inbox? Click the settings icon to the right of the entry and search bar. You can search for emails that contain a certain amount of links and emails, and delete them to see which ones take up the most space. There are also special requests.

How To Clean At Home Easily In Gmail

Empty your trash

Sending emails to the trash does not change the weight they contain in Gmail. Admittedly, they will be deleted after 30 days – this allows you to capture the message you want to keep in the end, if necessary. But if you’re sure, you can skip this step and request immediate, total removal or specific emails.

Unsubscribe from newsletters and unwanted information

It’s important to keep in mind when creating your account that some sites will ask you to check the “Receive Newsletters” box or advertise for certain products. Restrict newsletter emails to avoid unnecessary storage And unsubscribe from them – the ideal here is to avoid subscribing to anything and everything.

Do not forget that your mailbox is not a storage space, on the contrary. If you want to save and store your documents, we recommend reading our article which explains everything How to save your files, your work and your emails.