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Sony announces new release dates for many PS5 games at CES 2021 - News

Sony announces new release dates for many PS5 games at CES 2021 – News

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But the surprise actually came from the best axis shown At the end of the video Climb up for the occasion. Unusually, these assign an exit window to all games that appear in the timeline. What if we already knew Ratchet & Clang: Except for the split And Harrison Forbidden West Expected in 2021, this is the first time Victory: The Bridge of the Spirit (Mars 2021), Solar gray (June 2021), Little Devil Insight (July 2021), Ghostwire: Tokyo (October 2021) and Wrong (October 2021). All of these topics expected on the system will be temporarily exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

Even more surprising is the appearance of the exit window Project game, New license from the creators Final Fantasy15, Which will target a game in January 2022, which is far ahead of what is said to be the status of the game. Not to mention that the confirmation provided by Square Enix is ​​welcome, especially in the absence of the publisher ‘who gave no clue about the release of their other title PS5 Final Fantasy16. Finally, it is pointed out Prakmata, Capcom’s new license is not yet known, and is no longer expected in 2022, as announced last summer.

  • Hitman III – January 20, 2021
  • Will return – 19 Mars 2021
  • Kena: Spirits Bridge – Tuesday 2021
  • Solar gray – June 2021
  • Little Devil Insight – July 2021
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo – October 2021
  • Wrong – October 2021
  • Ratchet & Clang: Except for the split – 2021
  • Harrison Forbidden West – 2021
  • Project game – January 2022
  • Prakmata – 2023
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