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Travel with new seasonal trips, update available -

Travel with new seasonal trips, update available –

There is no human sky Still evolving Travel, A new one Free update It adds Seasonal tasks The huge space simulation of Hello games continues to grow and enrich itself even after the original introduction.

Expeditions is the name of the update, but new System Game, which allows astronauts to follow a long pre-arranged path around the universe starting from the same planet. Expeditions allow players to establish the path they use, instead of traveling between planets completely freely Planner Collaborate to make progress on these tasks.

The mode in question shares a single player with a community multiplayer function Advances and discoveries With other players. As you progress through the various “searches” you can open special icons that serve as game-oriented goals, as well as discover new items and technologies.

Since it is a “seasons” mode, in order to continue to provide, trips will be replaced with others at regular intervals New content For players in the coming months. On top of all this, the new update brings a substantial link that fixes various issues and introduces some new features and improvements.

Comrades, after No Man’s Sky and Patch 3.15, the game continues its long path of evolution with truly admirable support of Hello Games.

No man’s sky will stop, yet Expeditions will be updated in mode

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