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3 Best Video Downloaders for Google Chrome

3 Best Video Downloaders for Google Chrome

How many times has it happened to watch a funny video on Facebook or YouTube and wants to download it immediately to show it to friends and family. Unfortunately, this functionality is not always allowed by social and sharing sites, and for this reason, it may be necessary to complete the process anyway. Use third party services such as downloaders. In particular, when dealing with Google Chrome, things get even simpler, above all thanks to the large number of extensions available in a completely free way.

As you certainly understand, today we’re going to look at the best video downloaders to use in Chrome, focusing on the top three things currently available. Some of these will only allow content to be downloaded from the same website, while others will be more universal and almost usable. Any site. The only real limitation is using Google’s Chrome web browser.

What is a downloader and how does it work?

We are explicitly referring to the downloader Settings that can receive any content (Videos, Photos, PDFs, Music, Documents of Different Formats, etc.) from some websites, then offers the opportunity to download them. This can be very useful when the used site does not offer the opportunity to do so by default. Once the download is complete, it is obvious that the downloaded content can be viewed from any device without an internet connection.

A downloader has different formats because it can be created in the form of a website, application or software or a Browser extension, We will focus on in this article. However, as mentioned above, the most well-known and useful extensions for Chrome have been created, for this reason we invite you to download the aforementioned browser (if it is not already on your computer) by clicking This link.

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FBDOWN Video Downloader Plus

FBDOWN Born as a website that can download videos exclusively from Facebook, but has evolved over the years, thus managing to gain support for downloading content Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch And many other streaming portals. One of its most interesting features: Ability to make multiple downloads at once, Support for many video extensions (.3gp, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .swf, .mp3 and many more) and above all, there are no restrictions or ads to block their use. Today it is also available as an extension for Chrome, making it easy to find This link.

Its operation is absolutely simple. Once the extension is added to Chrome, it will appear at the top right of the browser options bar (it may be hidden under the puzzle icon if there are more extensions) ready to use at any time. At this point, every time an interesting video appears from supported sites, nothing more is required Click on its icon in the upper right The clip on the current page will be automatically recognized.

The extension will then provide the option to download the video “Normal” Or “HD” (When available), with a large button identified by the item “Download TAMIL” And the weight in MB of the final content must be pressed to begin downloading. Now a new screen will start where you need to click the button again “Download your video” To confirm the start of the process. Content then appears in the download folder (also visible in the lower left of Chrome).

Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper

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Video Download Helper Video Downloads is the most popular and used web browser extension in the field. It’s actually available for both Chrome and Firefox. To download it, click This link. As always in these cases, once the installation is complete, its icon will appear in the upper right, ready to use when needed. However, we remind you that it can be inserted automatically in the puzzle icon, always on the top right.

The functionality is very similar to the extension seen above. All you have to do is click on its icon (three spheres of different colors) every time a video appears on the current page you visit, it will be automatically recognized and downloaded. Among its most interesting options, in addition to the possibility to select the quality of the download, it is related Quick file conversionThis is very useful if you want to download audio from the movie in question. The formats supported are actually numerous and there is no shortage of well-known ones like: .3gp, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .swf, .mp3, MPEG, AVI, WMV And others.



Finally, we find a very useful and used web portal, although it does not have a dedicated extension. We are talking Freemake Video Downloader, Accessible for free This link. Although the name suggests a service designed specifically for YouTube, its support extends to more than 10,000 sites and online channels. In addition, it offers the opportunity to download content HD, MP4, AVI, 3GP, FLV And others. Among its features, there is also the opportunity to download the full playlist of videos. Download speed depends on the internet connection used.

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Its operation is very simple. All that is done: Start a page dedicated to downloading the video (for example a YouTube video), copy its URL from the address bar above, access the Freemake site by clicking the link in the previous column, paste the URL in the text field in the center of the page, and click the green button Make sure “Download Now”. At this point a new page will be launched where you can choose the format and quality of the content with the corresponding download button. Instantly, the file will be added to the Chrome download folder, where you can begin downloading.

Once the process is complete, you can view it with complete freedom, even without any internet connection, because the file will be on the computer by default, but not via the online interface.