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Facebook finally offers the opportunity to free itself from the algorithm

Facebook finally offers the opportunity to free itself from the algorithm

Facebook wants to leave the choice to the way the contents are displayed. From now on, you can select the timeline display in the news feed.

Credit: Solan Faiza via Unsplash

On Facebook, the appearance of posts in the news feed is determined by the mechanism of the social network. This display mode aims to encourage the user to stay on the platform as much as possible, delivering only the content they are interested in. In short, this often leads to the regular appearance of some profiles, which can be harmful to others. These are interactions with buttons ” I like “ Or in the comments section, Facebook allows a user to determine their interest in the content being displayed. Geolocation also plays an important role in this process. However, more and more Facebook followers want to free themselves from this process, to find a scene based only on the timeline. We can no longer count the number of internet users who share channels, and a pre-written message that should be shared on his wall announces that some accounts are missing from their timeline.

Facebook seems to have listened to their complaints, or at least, because it plans to reconsider its model. The company announces the launch of a new feature on its blog Users have the option to determine their preferred display mode. In short, by going to the parameters, they can choose Benefit from the timeline view Or rather based on recommendations. Deployment of this new tool on Android smartphones is underway; However, devices running iOS may need to wait a little longer. Updates for Apple products should come in the coming weeks.

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Put an end to filtering bubbles

Social networks that have been widely criticized for their mechanisms and the filter bubbles they create are trying to reclaim their image by offering new features. This is especially the case with Twitter, which plans to build An application that selects your favorite algorithm. There are still plenty of fake messages on social networks to provide a safer experience for users. On the other hand, it represents a huge deficit for Facebook and its sisters in displaying ads.