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Transat Jacques Vabre Videos: Best Pictures This Week

Transat Jacques Vabre Videos: Best Pictures This Week

Altimes approaching recession

Sinking in a fighter plane SVR-Lazartic Should go into a sluggish state in a few hours. 191 miles Maxie Edmund de Rothschild ZIT, François Gabart and Tom Laperche slowed down to reconnect on the whip.

Abyssinian group in Canarian moles

Damien Seguin and Benjamin Dudrooks, who were crippled by the “Fuerteventura” (sic) wind all night, are back under attack! The next step is Cape Verde Abyss Group, Currently ranked 12th but IMOCA first with drifts …

It goes on commercial air at Arkema 4

“Carcher Atmosphere” On Archema4 No doubt leaving the Cape Verde archipelago east at a speed of 25 knots westward under a large janitor to retreat from the Fifty Fleet of the Ocean? Meanwhile, catching the leader premonition is a question.

A small drone shot at Credit Mutuel

Good video sent by drone Mutual credit (Ian Lipinski and Julien Pulvé), Defensive Class 40, head south into the Canaries in a more gentle trade wind.

Published by Paul Curry

Published by Paul Curry

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