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Masahiro Sakurai, Director, Smash Brothers, Acquires Xbox Series X: Microsoft Appreciates –

When the work is done Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai Demonstrates being very active on members including photos on horseback and new purchases, and one of the latter yesterday Newly purchased Xbox Series X From developer Nintendo, this made the official Xbox Twitter account particularly pleasing.

In a tweet below, Sakurai announced that he had recently purchased the Xbox Series X: “A year after its release, I finally bought it! It may be due to infection, but it continues. New consoles are hard to find Available, “wrote the director of Smash Brothers.

The response from has not diminishedXbox official account, Sakurai and Fukura (his cat, visible in the photo) wished him all the best he could. As the Xbox turns its twentieth anniversary, the console seems to be getting some exposure in Japan as well, though the numbers of the home game are still a long way off.

Sakurai, however, had already mentioned the Xbox during Banjo-Kasui’s presentation as additional characters of Super Smash Brothers, inviting users to play on the Microsoft console. On the other hand, contacts with Microsoft have already emerged with the inclusion of Steve and Alex from Minecraft in the game, and it was the idea that eventually saw Master Chief coming as a simple hypothesis.

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