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20 years of Xbox: Autographed by Collector Controller Bill Spencer |  Xbox One

20 years of Xbox: Autographed by Collector Controller Bill Spencer | Xbox One

Xbox is offering a number of limited edition products to celebrate its 20th anniversary tomorrow. But there is one product specifically autographed by Bill Spencer, which is Xbox’s translucent controller for 20 years.

If everyone plays, everyone wins!

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Xbox, we have a Xbox Series X Edition Hollow Infinite, A manette Elite Series 2 Collector Hollow Infinite Or a Special helmet and clothing. But the most used material is special.

We know Xbox’s interest in developing limited edition controllers and the interest that teams take in delivering different types of models. Xbox Design Lab This allows you to customize your own controllers. But this 20th anniversary special edition has something that others do not have on the Xbox controller: the autograph of Bill Spencer, the boss of the Xbox.

To view this commitment, remove the battery cover on the back of the controller. Bill Spencer’s signature and his nickname “P3” (A family story), But more Basic Created by Xbox a few years ago to further include video games: “When everyone plays, we all win.”, Nickname “If everyone plays, everyone wins” In French. So, a good endorsement that will delight Xbox fans who bought the controller!

If you want to order this controller, please note that unfortunately it is not in stock everywhere and the chances of it being restarted are slim.

Controller specifications

  • Translucent black top revealing silver details inside
  • The Xbox button is green
  • Green grip on handles
  • 64.99

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