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TPCi says Arceus information is coming "soon" Nintendo Connect

TPCi says Arceus information is coming “soon” Nintendo Connect

Pokemon Company International is very sticky with new information Pokemon radioactive diamond, Pokemon glowing pearl And Pokemon Legends: Arcius Again – but not for long, because new information will come “soon”.

Two Sinno remakes were recently rated in Australia. We also noticed graphical improvements during the announcement of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), about which the company has yet to say anything! But it has to be here Pokemon Legends: Arcius Go on, this is a very exciting game because it adopts a completely new approach with its open game world.

Fortunately, for those who are cautiously optimistic that this game could be a special step for the series, considering the time and creativity it deserves, it seems we should not have to wait too long to learn more about it.
From Mike Minoti Gamespeed On July 23, The Pokemon Company released a recording of a conversation with Jesse Smith, Senior Director of Consumer Marketing at International, which became Pokemon Legends: Arcius Mentioned:

We have Pokemon Legends: Arcius, coming out next year. When do you think we will hear more about this?


In this regard, we have a “strong output”. I can’t say much at this point, but there are a lot of great things for that team to share, and you will hear from us soon.

Jesse Smith, Senior Director, Consumer Marketing Van The Pokemon Company International

Today there is an Indie World presentation and it is rumored that a Nintendo Direct will be followed in September. We can be curious whether a new Pokemon Presents issue will come “soon”, which is more than anything else Pokemon Legends: Arcius Betrays.

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