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Super Mario 64 in your web browser, it's possible!

Run Super Mario 64 for free on your web browser

True to form: People were able to display Super Mario 64 in your web browser tab. Super Mario 64: The browser version is actually an interesting project, making it very accessible at once requiring a full cartridge. You can’t stop progressing!

If we emphasize the word “free” in the introduction and title of this article, we can encourage Nintendo’s legal services to put an end to this trial, perhaps already suspended. Tapes at the time of this writing: Go through these stages quickly and test the game, it’s so amazing!

You can test Super Mario 64 on the Internet By following this link.

Super Mario 64 in your web browser, it's possible!

NintendoLife has no more than us to find SM64 in its browser, indicating that this port comes from a specific program called Super Mario 64 corrupt program, you can follow it Reddit.

We do not know how long this technological record will be accessible, but it’s worth looking at anyway just for the technical interest of this performance: Enabling Super Mario 64 on your browser, a 3D game from 1996 – Admittedly, it’s still the exception!

Source: Via NintendoLife

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