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Townscaper: Building game for Nintendo Switch and PC released

Raw Fury Announces the release of Townscaper. What can you expect in the building game? You create and create something beautiful without the stress of time and stress. You can continue this task completely relaxed, with no dissolved story, high score hunting or unlockable elements. You create buildings, lighthouses, parks and more by placing building blocks on the water landscape.

The gameplay in Townscaper is underlined by the sound design, which is reminiscent of bubble wrap. Do you ever pluck a piece of foil like this to relax? In Oscar Stolberg’s game, quiet sound is combined with a building game. Zen is from Scandinavia for the garden.

Do you want to relax a little? This game is now available for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC and Mac.

Source: Raw Fury Press Release

Image source: Raw Fury

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