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The next generation of Nintendo Switch? Digital Foundry Analyzes the Possibilities of Nvidia’s DLSS Technology – My Tower

With Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) The revision of the hybrid console awaits us on October 8th, which is especially characterized by the excellent and large screen. Previously, there were various speculations about the more powerful version of Nintendo’s current platform. The term DLSS is often used in this context.

Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Model-Technology Enables output of 4K content. Feature of the story: To achieve resolution, the content displayed does not have to be calculated on its own. Instead, the image was extracted using AI so that the scaling could take place with low quality loss. If technology is used, the new generation Nintendo Switch will be able to run games in 4K resolution without increasing computer power accordingly.

There are several benefits to using DLSS. Nintendo can stick to the hybrid concept because it only uses technology with relatively moderate performance. Channel specializing in technical analysis Digital Foundry It is now trying to answer the question of whether the next generation of hybrid consoles will really rely on technology.

This video is based on a look at Nvidia chipsets currently using the technology. According to Digital Foundry, there is a barrier to the implementation of the concept
Power consumption. It is important to save as much energy as possible on the chipset used, otherwise it will not be usable when moving the device. Based on this need, Digital Foundry sees Nvidia’s new one as a potential candidate for the Nintendo Switch successor chipset. Orin-chipThis is below the 2019 Marico Amendment’s power consumption, with an average consumption of 5 watts.

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According to Digital Foundry estimates, the technology enables significantly improved image quality for 4K screens, but the potential improvement is limited by a certain range of power consumption. So only one thing is realistic Moderate use of DLSS in TV modeThe resolution is significantly lower in portable mode. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

What do you think? Will the next generation of Nintendo Switch use Nvidia’s DLSS technology?