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TousAntiCovid-Signal: Download Application, Need?

TousAntiCovid-Signal: Download Application, Need?

Reminder book. TousAntiCovid-Signal June 9 Restaurants, Gyms … This digital reminder book allows you to be alert about a positive Kovit case in the coming days of contact. How to download it? How to use QR codes? Is it mandatory to scan it? Guide

The government has set up an organization to support the reopening of companies that are open to the public Mandatory for experts And advised customers “Dose Anticoagulant-Signal” Where “Digital Reminder Book”. “It simply came to our notice then Privacy can be very effective in terms of greater security and healthSecretary of State for Digital Transformation of France, Cedric O’Brien, explained on June 7. The TousAntiCovid-signal is available in the TousAntiCovid application and allows you to be alert when interacting with a positive Kovit case. Manual.

it is a Also called device “Reminder Book” in TousAntiCovid app, set up for restaurants, bar managers and stadium owners Health monitoring of frequent visitors to the area by anonymously alerting them of the risk of spreading the disease. If the visitor using the application is in contact with a person who has declared himself positive, he may be alerted in the following days. Isolate and test yourself. Judge “Very practical” By the government, he can change or come along Paper Reminder Book Was during the previous deconfinement.

“This device Integrated into a re-opening protocol similar to the paper reminder book in restaurants, bars and sports halls. In this context, those in charge want to Show QR code (Or any other way to contact customers in the event of a suspicious Govt-19 case) that is Customers will scan at the entrance Or installed at the beginning of the meal “ Explained Government. From June 9, QR codes will be mandatory for restaurants, bars and gyms. Customers do not need to download the TousAntiCovid application to scan this QR code. They can be used consistently Paper Reminder Notebook.

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“You go to a restaurant / bar / gym, If you scan the QR-code at the entrance, you are informed of the risk of contamination Explained Citric O, Secretary of State for Digital Responsibility, Wednesday, May 26 on Twitter. If you do not have an application, you can use the location paper reminder book.

To use the TousAntiCovid-signal, you must:

  • Download the TousAntiCovid application (for free) Apple Store Where Google Play Store.
  • Open the TousAntiCovid app.
  • In the “Reminder Book” on the homepage, click “Scan QR code space”.
  • Click “J Scan” and scan the QR code at the entrance (restaurant, bar, gym). It is not necessary to scan the QR code on exit.

All scanned locations can be found in the “Attendance Register”. You have the option to delete one of the scanned areas (in case of error, for example). “If a place in the attendance register is deleted, you will no longer be alerted if someone who visited this place declares himself in favor of Govt-19.” Refers to the government. The scanned locations will be in the newspaper for 15 days. Then they disappear.

In case of contamination or suspicion: When a user voluntarily declares itself positive for the virus in the application, it sends TousAntiCovid’s central server a list of dedicated, scanned QR codes associated with a timestamp, and therefore a list of companies he or she has visited frequently. TousAntiCovid users do not know the name of the place or the contact person: Announcements are anonymous. There are two types:

  • Orange Warning: It will be sent if at least one infectious and positive person is in the same place at the same time and declares himself in the application. If you get it, the instructions should go to you Test immediately, control contact, and look for signs.
  • LRed alert : It will be sent if there is a cluster where you have visited frequently while you were there. what to do ? Isolate yourself and test quickly.

From June 9, the heads of companies are compelled Show QR code or any other way to contact customers in case of suspicious Govt-19 case Customers scan the entrance or sit down once at the start of the meal. Every day a new page has to be printed. It is the sole responsibility of the site manager to keep and fill out this reminder book. The collection and processing of reminder notebooks on campus is carried out by regional health agencies (ARS) as part of the task of investigating clusters. ARS has the opportunity to retrieve reminder notebooks in one place following the Health Insurance (phone interviews with victims) report.

Can by professionals Install their QR code for free By going to the site “This site can only generate QR codes that work with the TousAntiCovid application” The government said. Then, the professional must answer two questions:

  • What is the type of establishment?
  • What is the size of the establishment?

A PDF file with QR code in many formats (Posters, Vignette …), The A reminder book and instructions for its installation will be developed. An installation kit will be developed to guide the professional.

The organization was verified by CNIL, the National Commission for Information and Freedom. Electronic version of all anti-govt signal, paper reminder notebooks (already available when first defined) “Highly effective in high security and health matters for privacy”, The announcement was made on Monday, June 7, by Cedric O, Secretary of State for Information and Communication in France. Why? In the paper version, you mention your last name, first name and phone number. However, if you use your anti-dose Govt application, your information will not be published. “QR codes are completely anonymous to the user and the installation. They do not allow companies to be identified or geographically located. They do not identify the audience or the geographical location. “ The government said. Where is the data stored? Katrik O indicates that no new servers have been opened in addition to the existing ones and that they exist Will be stored on the phone Of the beneficiary. On its explanatory page, the government refers to it“Part of the information is stored on users’ phones. This is a history of places visited.” And “The list of QR codes is stored on a dedicated, highly secure central server (SecNumCloud), often associated with places frequented by people who have tested positive for Covid19.

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