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PS4 and PS5 online service issues?  -

PS4 and PS5 online service issues? –

PlayStation Network The gods seem to exist Problems During these hours, reports that have appeared online and reports from some sites are given, but simply by looking at the official page Status del BSN.

We do not know the problems that are going on or their magnitude, but we are looking at it Official PSN Status Page Per PS4 e PS5 At the general level it is clear that something is wrong. However, these are probably partial and temporary problems that need to be addressed soon.

According to some sources, a Maintenance For the PS4 and PS5 online service, additional information is pending from Sony if needed, so it should be resolved soon.

Reports on Abuses Looking at the official page, it appears that the issues could affect all parts of BSN: Account Management, Games and Social Networks, No PlayStation, PlayStation Video and PlayStation Store.

In all cases, the various sections show a red dot indicating “Some services have problems”, but I details They are still vague. Depending on the symptoms, you may have problems logging in, starting games, or accessing various online services, and we look forward to learning more. It is not yet clear whether the problems are widespread in Italy.

Meanwhile, according to reports last June, changes have been made to the PSN as Sony continues to offer more security.

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