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YouTube Vanced | Final solution to all YouTube problems

According to the datas on statista, people spend a lot of time watching videos every week. Among the 5 options provided in the survey, the proportion of watching videos for more than 10 hours per week is the highest, reaching 27.2%. It shows that video is now part of our lives.

Among the video platforms, there is no doubt that YouTube is the largest one. About 2 billion people watch YouTube videos every month and more than 5 billion videos are watched every day. Compared with pay TV channels, more people prefer to use YouTube. and on the other hand, people watch more content on their phones than ever before.


Meanwhile, we also know that YouTube has many flaws that make us encounter various problems when watching videos on it, including more and more advertisements, not supporting video downloads, not being able to play videos in the background, and so on. However, days ago, I found a very useful app that can perfectly solve YouTube’s problems, which is YouTube Vanced.


YouTube Vanced is an alternative to YouTube developed specifically for Android users. It is a lightweight YouTube player, completely free app. Its purpose is to help users get a better YouTube experience on smartphones, without ads or suspicious permissions that affect viewing. The app interface design is intuitive and simple, because it’s similar to the official YouTube. And the app supports multiple languages, is able to use a floating window to play videos, supports background play, and listens to music when the screen is off. And the most important features for me is that it supports download and store videos and music to enjoy offline.


As we all know that YouTube Vanced supports many features that don’t exist in YouTube. So Google Play doesn’t allow YouTube Vanced to be on it. But you can still get it from many third-party app stores or from its official website. I would rather download YouTube Vanced from its website. Just download the apk file and then install it like any other application. And there are more details about this app on the website. You can also check that as a reference.

After entering the website, you will see the DOWNLOAD button for the first sight.

When installing, you need to agree to install the app from unknown sources, don’t worry about it for YouTube Vanced has been proved one hundred percent safe.

When installation is done, open it and start a wonderful experience without restriction.

However, it should also be noted that YouTube Vanced is only available in android phones at present, and the app does not support logging with YouTube account, but the author guesses that this feature may be supported later. In any case, for now, YouTube Vanced is a very good app that you should have a try.