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More than 100,000 simultaneous players on Steam and 650,000 viewers on Twitch

More than 100,000 simultaneous players on Steam and 650,000 viewers on Twitch

Yesterday Resident Evil Village (From 59.99At To purchase) Was released and a strong introduction to the system. If you look at the number of players active at the same time Steam Looking at the audience on Twitch, the village set a new record in the ownership of Capcom Evil. Horror games are distributed exclusively on the computer via Steam.

The maximum value of players simultaneously active was 101,726 yesterday evening, thus clearly available Citizen Evil 7 BioHazard (January 2017: 20,449) and two remakes Citizenship Evil2 (January 2019: 74,227) and Citizenship Evil3 (April 2020: 60.293). Current There are currently 90,224 soldiers operating in the Resident Evil Village. But this is far from being Capcom’s most successful PC title. Here Monster Hunter: World (334.684) is still in the lead. “Peak value” of The devil can cry5 Coincidentally, it was 88,894. Not only does it record the number of players on Steam, it also records the total number of viewers of the respective games across the channels on Twitz. Last night, more than 650,000 spectators watched Twitch streams from Resident Evil Village, despite the noise. PCGamesN There is no such thing as a “really big streamer” for a large audience. There were many small and some large streamers responsible for the large audience. To compare (via Sallijinom And PCGamesN): The number of Resident Evil 7 biohazard record holders in January 2017 was 224,481. Resident Evil 2 (remake) had 314,244 viewers in the month of its launch. The remake of the third part reached a twist of 318,002.

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For testing: Three years after 7 events in Resident Evil, the story of Ethan Winters continues. This time he moves to Romania, where he lives with his wife Mia and their baby Rosemary. There he wants to forget the horror and mysterious fungal infections surrounding the crazy hillbills. But European nonsense doesn’t last long: the kidnapped kid opens the screen for a bizarre horror show at Capcom. The test reveals how we loved the journey.