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Toulouse: At the restaurant, the stressful end of the bill

Toulouse: At the restaurant, the stressful end of the bill

The new smartphone payment system is being used in restaurants in urban areas.

This is the end of the queue at the check out of your restaurant or the end of waiting at the table for the bill. Opening Sunday, Toulouse has 350 employees, including twenty, and a year after its creation, Toulouse has already “joined” 5,000 companies internationally, including fifteen. Pergo Group, Pizzerias Mongelli, Ma Biche on the Roof, L’Envol, Biozza, Burger n’Co in particular, have successfully taken the plunge.

No apps to install

Sure, you can pay your bill by opening your camera and illuminating the QR code placed on your desk. No need to download the app. Payment is made by credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay or restaurant vouchers. You can share the bill with your guests.
“We adopted this system in November 2021, and we are satisfied with it.

“Convenient at lunch time when customers are in a hurry”

“It simply came to our notice then. We scan the QR code and the bill for your table will appear. We pay, we leave. The payment will appear immediately in the restaurant’s cash register, confirms Lucas Lescano, manager of Mongelli in Blacknock. This gives employees the comfort of having to return to the office when customers are in a hurry, especially at lunchtime. On Friday and Saturday nights, when we take a lot of takeout orders. ⁇
Sunday’s business model is based on the commission charged on each fee, which is “half of what banks charge at the regular payment terminal,” says CEO Victor Luker on Sunday.
The employer promises to save his computer revenue, thanks to the high revenue of the tables, and increases the employee tips, which can be left directly on his smartphone.

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