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Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Toky Toky Literature Club Plus! Nintendo Switch – released to ntower this month

As in IGN Expo Livestream Announced with Toky Toky Literature Club Plus! An extended version of the popular visual novel for PC and all current consoles. Protagonist, as the title suggests, you are part of a “literary club” – with four school children. At this point we do not want to reveal too much, because if possible enjoy the story of the game without any prior knowledge. Suffice it to say: the story is growing in a very special direction, and the website says nothing about the “# 1 psychological horror” experience.

So far, the game is available for free on Steam. In this extended version, still waiting for you New content:

  • Improved graphics: All artwork is now displayed in 1080p
  • Six new page stories
  • 13 new pieces of music (26 in total) and an integrated music player
  • More than 100 background images, artwork, previously unknown paintings and more that cannot be opened

You can find some screenshots in our game gallery:

Game Gallery for Toky Toky Literature Club Plus!

Physics premium version with many plugins

The digital version of the game will be released to all sites on June 30th 12.49 Euro Costs. You can pre-order the limited edition version for the PlayStation 4, 5 or Nintendo Switch, which will be shipped worldwide in July with several additional items via Serenity Forge’s official online store. Physics content includes four small writing sequences, a download code for the entire soundtrack, a sticker set with 17 stickers, a Toky Toky Literature Club membership card and a poem signed by Monica – one of the game’s four girls. This version is priced at $ 29.99. In addition, you should expect shipping costs around US $ 10. You can see the premium version and the cover image of the game in the following pictures:

If you are interested in the business version, you can pre-order it under this link:

Pre-order now: Premium Edition of Toki Toki Literature Club Plus!

For more information, see Official website And this nNew blog post Presented by Don Salvador – Game Developer – Visit.

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