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Mario + Rapids Sparks of Hope leaked by Nintendo, coming in 2022

Mario + Rapids Sparks of Hope leaked by Nintendo, coming in 2022

Incredible, The America’s Nintendo has leaked the existence of the Mario + Rapids Sparks of Hope, The new episode of the Mario + Rabbits series may be announced tonight during the Ubisoft conference or during the Nintendo Direct on June 15th.

The Mario + Rapids Sparks of Hope page There is not much information except for a few screen shots and an important art, launched in 2022 and confirmed to support Italian, German, French, Spanish and English.

It’s hard to know more at this time, we leave you to the pictures below in the hope of discovering new details in the next few hours. Mario + Rapids Kingdom Battle is the best-selling third-party game ever for Nintendo SwitchTherefore, it is natural to think of a sequel or a new chapter that appears to become a real series.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Mario + Rabbits are the sparks of hope Rumors of this Nintendo leak seem to have been confirmed, as mentioned in the next few hours (or in the next few days?) We will find out more about this project, we are waiting for the official announcements, trailer and game video which will allow us to deepen the features related to the game dynamics.

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