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Today is March 8th. Gemma downloads Cataldo

What would Cataldo, the new knight of men and women, have done to be thrown so suddenly by Gemma Calcani? The Turin woman seemed to spray him with intimacy and her glorious and gentle style. After a date together, the woman changed her mind. The reason? In today’s episode, we will find out on Monday 8 March 2021.

Gemma Kalkani The protagonist again Men and women Today, Monday 8 March 2021? It would seem so. Turin meets one of the new heroes of Maria de Philippi’s dating show, Cataldo, She was already half unconscious. His gentle, polite, luxurious manner appeals to the Turin woman, so she agrees to love him. Among other things, Knight had announced that he had only sent Knight to Calcutta.

So here they go out for a night together. According to what hunters The news is not there, In today’s episode we will see Gemma sitting in the center Studio With Cataldo to tell how the evening they spent together went. According to the detailed account given by the woman, She invited Cataldo to her house, Then they sat on the sofa to chat.

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Advances in Cataldo and Gemma

Cataldo Gemma

The man tried to get closer several times Gemma To communicate with her, but the woman always has it Rejected. Cataldo confirms the story of Turinis, while the knight is forced to sleep on the couch, which is unimaginable to her. Knight says he has that attitude Check the intensity of the gem, Of course he doesn’t appreciate doing things. Eventually, Gianni will be teased by Sporty, he admits It didn’t feel like seeing the man again. e Closing So there they are Knowledge.

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Luke and the trio of men and women

“No triangle, they don’t consider it”, sings Renato Zero, but here it’s a good quartet too. Luke, A new entry, yes Feeling With three girls: Angela, Elizabeth and Federica. Angela Says she and Knight exchanged bSensitive AC, Despite this, the person decided to go out with Federica, with whom he became well acquainted. Angela points out that she accepts this situation.