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Xbox 2021: Microsoft confirms unannounced games and surprises |  Xbox One

Xbox 2021: Microsoft confirms unannounced games and surprises | Xbox One

The list of Xbox games for 2021 is already huge, but as you might think, there aren’t some big titles yet. Xbox confirms once again that unannounced games are planned for this year.

Surprise Xbox games are scheduled for 2021

In January, the Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One X | Shared the first idea of ​​which games will be released as exclusive consoles on the S, which is an opportunity for our update List of exclusive Xbox games for 2021.

But as we can easily guess, there are surprises to be announced by Microsoft because the big releases by the end of 2021 are even more sensible. For now, alone Hollow is infinite Confirmed, but we know there are still surprises for us at Xbox Studios.

Recently asked about this subject Web light, Jason Ronald has confirmed that more games are yet to be released this year.

Looks like one of the community’s favorite 2021 favorites Forza Harrison5, As the studio has become accustomed to releasing its rights once every two years, we imagine that playground games have been in development for a long time. As for other great products, it remains a mystery for now Starfield Is constantly quoted.

A dice developer was also teasing

Microsoft is a real one Army of studios Numerous third-party partners through development and Xbox Game publishers. We can recall it accordingly Story Director At this branch, new AAA games are planned for Xbox only and from studios other than Xbox Studios.

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Last January, a dice developer with a nicknameEleanor
Resetora commented at the forum that not everything that happens has been announced yet. Although the title is about games in 2021, we do not know if the developer’s post is about all the upcoming games or what will happen in 2021.

Some things have not been announced yet.

Should we wait until E3 to make announcements or will they be done in a tricky way? Bethesda and Indiana Jones ? Anyway, this new generation promises that the Xbox will be full of games and versatility, and may be more than ever. Bill Spencer said he was “incredibly excited.” About some ideas It will be released by Xbox in the next two years.