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Title sponsor for Samsung game evasion - Samsung Newsroom Germany

Title sponsor for Samsung game evasion – Samsung Newsroom Germany

Samsung supports all formats of the three-day streaming event with products from different business segments

The gaming community plays a key role for Samsung. After the company unveiled its first eSports processor Jackson a few weeks ago and backed up last year’s Gamescom project, the next big step is now: based on its extensive gaming portfolio, Samsung continues to be the title sponsor of this year’s GameShow. The gaming and streaming event from Rocket Beans Entertainment, Freaks 4U Gaming and Instinct 3 will take place in parallel with Gamescom from August 25 to 27, 2021 and will feature a variety of entertainment live formats supported by Samsung products.

The digital version of Rocket Beans Entertainment, Freaks 4U Gaming and Instinct 3 aired for the first time last year and immediately established itself as a streaming summer event for gaming fans in Germany. In 2021, Samsung wants to celebrate the latest games, pop and gaming culture with the community as part of the gameplay, thus significantly enhancing its commitment: As the title sponsor of the game, Samsung supports a wide range of three-day live shows this year as part of its broad gaming portfolio and eSports app.

Unlike last year, this year’s collaboration extends to all forms of three-day game evasion, falling back into the very diverse business segments of the vast Samsung portfolio. “If you feel like an awesome gaming session, you don’t need a TV or a high-quality monitor,” says Mario Winter, Samsung Electronics Vice President of Marketing. Bringing our mobile portfolios closer to the whole environment. “

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From smartphones to Neo QLEDs and SSDs

The gameplay championship, which focuses on exciting drone racing, shows exactly how such cross-sectional device integration can be. As participants control their drones via the Galaxy S21, the respective fold times are displayed on the larger format Samsung TV. In order to improve their performance in the course of the competition, they can also recall the Galaxy Smartwatch and the practical Galaxy Book. Meanwhile, the Odyssey G7 gaming monitors are at the famous Hamburg vs Spondau city battle1 And Odyssey G92 On the front, it will be converted to at least one fight on the Galaxy S21.

Spotlight on Format makes it clear that Samsung can contribute to an amazing gaming experience with powerful SSD cards. The Samsung SSD 980 PRO is compatible with the PlayStation 5 and meets the manufacturer’s requirements in terms of form factor, interface, volume width and capacity. The internal SSD has a built-in temperature management system that meets Sony’s performance requirements for the PlayStation 5 console. It is fitted with a nickel coating which improves the heat level of the controller. In addition, a heat dissipator dissipates the operating heat, thus effectively controlling the temperature of the flash memory. In order to minimize power fluctuations over a long period of time, the dynamic thermal card technology keeps the operating temperature of the SSD 980 PRO at an appropriate level. There will also be G5A gaming monitors3, G7A4 And G9NA5 Active is naturally integrated so that visitors get an idea of ​​the quality of the products for themselves. The collaborative speech format is rounded by FUNoFUN, in the course of which is the Neo QLED QN95A6 Used as a channel for social media posts and entertainment gaming clips from the community.

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Advanced gaming features and the latest news from the world of eSports

Along with these and other products, Samsung has been providing the fastest gaming experience to the gaming community for many years. The TV portfolio alone now has many advanced features like Dynamic Black Equalizer, which converts image quality to different scenes. Meanwhile, Practical Auto Game mode provides the settings needed for an exciting game session.

For those who want to watch professional gaming events, Samsung introduced the e-sports processor Jackson a few weeks ago. Interested users can find the latest sports news and comprehensive coverage of topics such as League of Legends, Tota 2, Fortnite, CS: Geo and Wallorant here. From June 28, Jackson will be available for free download on the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store.

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