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The most beautiful landscape behind the law, review

The most beautiful landscape behind the law, review

An artist is in the process of drawing a painting to send to a painting gallery. This is a concise landscape, she has already defined what its surfaces will look like, she found the black lines, but she has no colors to finish it. However, the woman is distracted by the neighbor, from which she is inevitably curious: he is an old man living alone with a cat. He is a painter and if you look from his window, you will notice that some of his paintings look like hanging in his house (a romantic bohemian floor where other artists have stayed in the past).

So the realization of his new job changes his search for the truth about his home and the mystery surrounding his neighbor: how are they related? Who is that man? Why, even if you don’t know him, is he somewhat familiar? What is behind those paintings? Why do they appear to be part of a larger story? These and other questions are fundamental The most beautiful landscape behind the frame, A small and attractive independent title with a visual style inspired by the works of Studio Kipli, which we will see in the course Review, A real bonsai game, perfect within its boundaries.

Image of the situation

The most beautiful landscape behind the frame painter and its beautiful neighbors

One of the most beautiful landscape behind the frameGraphic adventure In it you have to solve puzzles to move the story forward. We spend time searching and collecting objects following clues left by a neighbor’s cat or strange messages on a computer, and getting ideas on how to draw what the artist noticed. Eggs and snacks are also cooked and hot coffee is drunk so the story doesn’t touch on minimalism.

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I Puzzle Within themselves they are not so complicated, and above all help to enrich the mystery that unfolds after the film, and they will be solved within an hour. The main uniqueness of the game is of course the involvement of the sketch in the game and the story told, the player is often invited to finish the sketches by adding colors or details (don’t worry, you know how to draw you do not have to do, because everything is very guided). There will also be animated cut scenes between one chapter and another, very well done (even if we were hit by some bugs in our experiment, even though at some point we thought we were blocked), which helps to add details to the story and progress towards its natural ending.

Unfortunately, we can not describe puzzles or descriptions much because the risk of inappropriate expectations is very high because they are so intertwined. It can be said that a good adventurer will not have big problems in getting the head of the mystery, because most adventures are easy to miss in the same environment.

Despite the basic simplicity and short duration, the most beautiful landscape behind the law has proven to be an experience Spectacular And poetic, as well as profound, in spite of its narrow dimensions. It may not always pass for a subtle and refined visual style, or a story that touches the right boundaries, but we were positively impressed. Take it as a good movie to spend the evening replacing the regular carnage provided by video games.

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