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Download Serra, Clamoroso: Caruso "Caesar Matara and Anello Matara

Download Serra, Clamoroso: Caruso “Caesar Matara and Anello Matara

Back in Serra, with the majority of Mayor Rosario Caruso, Deputy Mayor Cicero Matera and Aniello Matera are being removed from councilors. He thus reveals the reasons for his decision on his Facebook profile, with really “strong” comments. Text here:


This morning I signed the jury.

The new council consists of Irene Icono (deputy mayor), councilors: Eugenio Carlo Matera, Talila Calano, Lucio Borrio.

The Deputy Mayor’s delegation was led by Mr. The delegation of Cicero Matera and Councilor Mr. Aniello Metera.

In recent years, I have always tried to be clear, correct, and available to my fellow citizens, and in this case, I choose to explain the reasons why it is unpleasant and burdensome, as the laconic “clarifies my choices rather than limiting myself to the relationship.

I do not feel the need to justify myself, I believe it is bad to justify ourselves in this direction, in light of the reasons that have pushed me above all else in this moment and at this point.

The order was signed after another stab at the back, after another attempt to trample on my guilt and the people who had been by my side for these long years and the people who had worked for this country.

In these 5 years I have ignored the tone of hatred, disgust, challenges, provocations.

To focus on the growth of our Serra Fontana, I let many small actions slip like water for just one reason.

I do not want to list works, projects and initiatives or projects now, but now is the time to make choices.

There are no convenient choices, because the only convenient choice is to hold my nose and agree to continue my political activity with Cicero Matteo in the next round of elections.

With all honesty I have no intention, a convenient choice for a number of reasons that I am trying to mention very simply for one reason: I do not want to allow Cicero Matteo to continue to tarnish my intelligence and my dignity. I believe that threshold is impossible for me.

He may have believed that I was so naive that I did not know what he had done and how much he had done in recent years, but unfortunately the citizens behind him, the advisers of equal depth, the spokesmen of his actions, his rumors. Everything was verified but above all he confirmed at the meeting when I listed them a few days ago.

Cicero Matera was the one who tried three times to encourage me in the city council.

I learned of the first two attempts the day after the second declaration as mayor.

This is the beginning of my second term and I don’t want to believe it.

I did not try to find a comparison, and I noticed those who told me to look, I wanted to give him a second chance. Still.

What I thought was wrong. Now I can say it and m gulpa: I was wrong.

For the past five years, with a deputy mayor absent, I have been waiting to cancel his delegation to shout “betrayal” to the four winds, completely absent.

I let it do it or not do it, never control it, never do it.

He settled in a small room at the entrance to the town hall, and he knew how many colleagues would have allowed so much space and so much pride for a deputy mayor.

Be proud to say yes, because he used my good faith and humility.

He took advantage of my sense of respect as I proved on a daily basis that I had no respect for him.

He had nothing when he insulted me in the square and in the houses.

I realized that Cicero Mattera did not forgive me one thing: they said that what made the mayor jealous of the truth in my heart. This was the only “mistake” I made to Caesar, and I made the mayor.

What he called the “son” from the levels of his imagination must have been a classic wooden head, which puppets would begin to create puppets as they moved the strings.

I have endured a lot over the years, but I have never been trampled and, as I said, I will not allow it now by choosing the way that is most comfortable for me.

I ran for mayor because I believed in good governance, I faced the citizens, I never made promises that I knew I could not keep, and I kept my duties even at the expense of losing sleep.

Although I pulled the cart without a deputy mayor, I was more or less conspiring in the shadows without some councilor and adviser.

Even if the municipal employees were viewers of indecent scenes, if Anilo Matera had been a councilor until now, only to avoid causing family divisions in Cicero Matera, I would have been a man before I became a politician. In spite of everything I have written before you.

I created that man, and I don’t want to put my finger on the most precious: family and fellow citizens will understand without adding anything else.

If I had done so, however, I would have on our side today some councilors who have immeasurable courage on Holy Saturday.

Cicero Matteo pretended not to even see this.

Why didn’t that “best” do it? Who has limited this? Give us enlightenment because we do not know.

Cicero Matera was one of the worst, even during that heaviest period, and he chose to continue, completely absent.

He had no problem saying a few weeks ago, majority, in groups or individually, “I have done nothing in these ten years, I am applying for my personal revenge.”

Fellow citizens, staff, regional officials, island and non-island politicians remember how I did deputy mayor: I was a representative, administrator, writer, writer and so on.

I did a lot of work and even now I do not regret it because I have prepared works and projects.

Did I expect the same kind of work from Caesar? I don’t really care much in making these comparisons, but I would definitely expect respect, real, not one on the face.

The actions and deeds at the last two majority meetings have clearly shown that Cicero Matera does not like serious, honest people, his talent and willingness to work for the territory on his side. It is definitely ineligible for the 5 people who will form the first congregation tomorrow.

Holy Saturday, this Holy Saturday, the last bad deed of Deputy Mayor Cicero Matteo took place.

I contacted the Minority Councilor because Cicero Matera was doing the math to try to get me a minority in the city council.

I heard it from the voices of those who refused to participate in this politically incompetent show.

You read that right, and pride is sadly beyond imagination.

The third came after two attempts of despair.

I agree that this is too big for me and has bothered me too much in the truest sense of the word, because it comes across above all I have tried to summarize you.

I am deeply depressed, frustrated, sad, depressed.

I have been the mayor of Serra Fontana for ten years, and now I can hear Cicero Mattera and those who tried to do “math” with him not to come at night like mice like Holy Saturday, but in the city council to hear in broad daylight and without hope.

Be polite in the eyes of me, Irene, Eugenio, Dolly and Lucio.

Tell us what bothered you, but do it later.

First, think about what you have done in recent years for our community to the citizens of Serra Fontana, both explicitly and honestly, and say that you are willing to encourage me, that you are willing to give place to a priority commissioner.

Do it with sunlight. Look people in the eye and do it.

Above all, do so by accepting full responsibility for this gesture, in the light of the intense social urgency we experience above all else.

Now that this is important, you have already proven abundantly that personal relationships are of little importance to you.

You have already decided for a while to crush everything and everyone.

Mine, ours is not a challenge, because the challenge, the war, the struggle that Cicero Matteo has been running alone for many years, he has not found a shore for me. In me he could never see an enemy, because of his efforts, his provocations I always, until now, have been sent back in silence to the sender, focusing on important matters and in danger of appearing like a fool.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have exceeded the maximum limit of my patience to achieve such a result.

Those who know me will be surprised.

Anyone who knows me knows how painful this choice was for me.

I will not deny comparisons to those who know me and those who do not know me, I will not remain silent in front of questions, I will not hide behind rumors, but I will argue with the facts.

Who knows me, no one knows who created the mayor by wearing the face of a man every day and putting on the face of a politician.

Also note that in recent years, I have spent time and space with those closest to me to maintain trust with the promise made before fellow citizens since I became mayor.

I was the mayor of all, the room was always open, the phone was always on, the problems of everyone who entered the town hall were welcomed, the listeners, the councilors who never limited, the ones who did not try to put in the shadows those who wanted to cooperate and work, I did everything I could to help those in need, it should be, political colors, Without looking at the flags or parties, I only promised when he could have.

Please note that I am called today to choose between abandoning and unloading those on my side who were honest and sincere for Serra Fontana and that I have chosen the most convenient way for me from a personal and political point of view. With full awareness, my guitarism will never, ever trade, I have to shout once and for all to those who do not yet understand that I have chosen and still choose to be a human politician.