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LG: New webOS version for smart TVs

LG: New webOS version for smart TVs

The WebOS 6.0 Smart TV operating system from LG shines with a new start screen, magic remote control and a few other innovations that make the user experience so much better.

LG 2021 Introduces New Version For LED TVs, QNED Mini LED TV, Nanocell TV and UHD Smart TV. It includes a new start screen, which should be more user friendly and provide quick access to frequently used applications. He recommends specific content to the user.

There is also a new design of the magic remote control. It facilitates control by voice recognition with LG’s Multi-AI offerings from LG Dino, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. E.g. It also offers hotspots for direct access to content from Netflix and Disney +. With the Magic Trap function, users can change the contents of their NFC-enabled smartphone by touching the remote control or vice versa.

LG has improved its Magic Connect functionality. Magic Explorer displays informative content about movies or series that have been shown, e.g. Interesting facts about the cast and locations. This function also provides a user-friendly shopping experience for products that appear on selected TV channels. This is reinforced by the Next Pix function that analyzes consumer preferences.

The latest LG TVs with WebOS 6.0 will be available on January 11th Virtual booth As can be seen from LG during CES 2021.

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