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Tinder: Change the name – how it works

Create and edit Tinder profile: These tips …

Changing the name on Tinder is only indirectly possible. Netzwelt shows you how to change the Tinder name and what you need to focus on.

Register with Tinder It only takes a few steps and the finished profile will be created in minutes. If you realize that you really want to use a different Tinder name it is nonsense.

Many users seek their protection Privacy in Tinder Return to nickname or another name. After all, no one wants to be monitored by undesirable predators while dating.

There are other reasons to change your Tinder name. You may have chosen a nickname that sounds childish, but it turns out to be geeky.

However, changing the name of Tinder is not intended on the dating site. If you want a new Tinder name, you have only two options.

Change the Tinder name through the Facebook account

  1. 01.1 Tinder - Sign in with Facebook01.1 Tinder - Sign in with Facebook


    If your Tinder account is not yet connected to Facebook, sign in to Tinder via Facebook. Your previous Tinder name will be replaced by your Facebook name.

If you do not like the Facebook system, you can delete your account and create a new one. Your previous matches and chats will unfortunately be lost and you will have to exchange other contact options accordingly. If necessary, you will like the existing ones Export Tinder chats.

Create a new Tinder account for the same phone number

  1. 02.2 Sign in with the Tinder phone number02.2 Sign in with the Tinder phone number


    Sign in to Tinder with your phone number and set up your account without having to connect to Facebook and create a new account. You can freely choose the new Tinder name.

How to change your location on Tinder, We will tell you in a separate manual.

“Tip: Excellent VPN providers for added security and data security

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