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Via Battera, volontaria derubata mentre scarica dall

Through Batara, a volunteer looted food from a car while dying for distressed dogs

We publish from Tristay from Antonella

Yesterday, Tuesday 28 December, via Batra 27

They forced out the window and stole the bag from my car.

While we were taking food to the warehouse

The bag is black, the black guess stamp has no economic value inside the wallet but is sensible.

Inside 80 euros (I will not see again)

Identity card, driving license, health card.

Bancomat (already blocked) All kinds of different cards, personal notes.

The agenda is about association with personal appointments, papers, etc.

1 pack of Kokoro dog for 26 euros (salvaged and brought to Italy for treatment)

I ask if the residents of the area can throw extra eyes under the surrounding green areas or cars, I looked in the pots, but nothing, the carbineeri advised me to check around with sunlight. Because that’s what they usually throw away. He does not care.

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