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Surprise at night on the Uniuro website!

Surprise at night on the Uniuro website!

Surprise tonight There is a new restoration PlayStation 5 On the Uniuro website. Truth be told, something seemed to be in the air, but it could have been a false alarm like many previous methods. In fact There were some minor changes to the console page on the site during the afternoon, Which has become temporarily inaccessible.

Really The fall occurred shortly after midnight PlayStation 5. To be precise, a copy of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy PS5 standard bundle was found.Recently presented at The Game Awards 2021), 12 month PS Plus member and 20 euro gift card credit can be used at the PlayStation Store.

Very Fantastic set For those who were able to receive it following our report in the Telegram. However, we do not deny that there is a high attendance of users Uniuro sent the site into crisis, There were some issues to complete the payment and purchase process.


Balance to purchase the bundle PlayStation 5 She regains her health and starts the night Even for those who cannot take it immediately. All this until the existing stocks are completely depleted.

We have been alerting you for the past few weeks A false link that goes directly to the clone page operated by fraudsters has spread again! It is therefore advisable to always pay close attention Link They send you.

As for the PS5’s Knightly Restocks, this is not the first time this has happened. In fact, last December 17th, shortly after midnight another restoration took place, which made many of our users spend a wonderful Christmas.

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Source: Uniuro