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WhatsApp will exclude users who do not wish to provide their data on Facebook

Three alternatives to not sharing your data on Facebook

Encrypted messaging is gradually approaching its parent company and following new rules, which it wants to turn into a new customer service tool for businesses.

After users’ cries, Facebook finally retained the May 15 deadline, forcing WhatsApp users to accept its new terms of use, at the risk that the app will gradually become unusable. These new rules are aimed at bringing WhatsApp closer to Facebook, which has launched ads on Facebook and Instagram, for example, to turn the messaging app into an online sales and customer service tool.

Faced with growing privacy concerns and a very blurry update – urging Germany to suspend, many privacy experts recommend leaving Facebook’s site. Here are three alternatives.

Signal: Very safe

Unlike its main competitors, Signal Use is supported by a non-profit organization that relies on donations. No commercial use was made of the data. The signal naturally does the final to final encryption of all conversations. A process like WhatsApp prevents any outsider, including its teams, from accessing the exchanges.

After WhatsApp announced its update, Elon Musk recommended its app in early January, which led to downloads on iOS and Android.

Provides similar functionality to signal, audio and video calls created by one of WhatsApp’s co-founders, but also offers photo or video transfers.

Download the signal iOS Or Android.

Telegraph: One of the most popular

Already very popular, Telegram stands out by not providing signal and encryption by default from WhatsApp. This is an option to enable in each conversation, by pressing the author’s name and then choosing to initiate a “secret exchange”. The badlock icon will then appear at the top of the dialog.

Unlike Signal, Telegram is owned by a non-profit organization, so it seeks to make its use profitable. At the end of 2020, one of its creators announced the arrival of advertising on some public discussion channels.

So private transactions should be abandoned. As shown in this chart released in early January, Telegram presents itself as an intermediary between the signal and WhatsApp, which does not collect any personal data.

Download Telegraph iOS Or Android.

Viber: Anti-Facebook

The Viber app presents itself as a solid alternative to WhatsApp, thanks to its fun interface, which is very popular in some foreign countries, and its functionality as a Facebook subsidiary.

While Viber provides conversational encryption by default, it uses personal data rather than telegram and signal. Specifically, it accesses certain data, such as the contact list or the user’s location.

Although Viber is backed by a business entity (Raguden, an e-commerce company), it can be very reluctant for the Facebook ecosystem. In June 2020, he So the results Ending any partnership with the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg is due to the mismanagement of its personal data and the many loopholes related to the measurement of hatred online.

Download Viber iOS Or Android.