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Agriculture Simulator League - 2nd match day in season 3, live today

Agriculture Simulator League – 2nd match day in season 3, live today

Next Day Game in the Farming Simulator League (FSL): Over the weekend of January 16-17, 2021, competing agricultural sports teams will battle it out to collect as many hay bales as possible in Agricultural Simulator 19. Developer Giants Software is organizing this 2nd game tomorrow as an online knockout competition in which all teams compete for ranking points and a share of the பரிச 250,000 total prize pool of the season.

The live stream begins with the quarterfinals

The decisive final of the competition will be held on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. at the CET. Twitch channel of Giants software Stream done. The remaining eight teams will battle it out in the quarterfinals until the final winner is crowned. Cordova Accretion defeated Trailborg in the tight ‘Best of 3’ final with 740: 711, 654: 699 and 765: 695 points. First Sports day The current 3rd FSL season can be officially seen Giants software YouTube-coal Will be released.

International teams

The 13 seed teams are from eight different countries. These official groups are supported by agricultural producers or other supporters. A sports team has at least 3 participants, and like the actual game, some list changes have been made in preparation for the new, third season, which will last until November 2021.

Free Sports DLC is available
The free downloadable competition client for Season 3 invites every agricultural simulator fan and supports enthusiasts to register and participate in the competitions. Based on Agricultural Simulator 19, team work is required to efficiently harvest wheat in sports game mode, produce bales, and transport them quickly to a warehouse. After feedback and analysis, it was updated to V2.0.0.5 for competitive client balance reasons.
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