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Telegram defames WhatsApp, changes situation (photo)

Telegram defames WhatsApp, changes situation (photo)

Vincenzo Ronca

For many years now we have often seen Coherence In between Share e Telegraph, Two of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world. The platforms are a little different for the functionality and more for the concepts behind them. One of these can be identified in security Privacy Of their users, the field they are in Teasing Recently.

It all started when there was a telegram Made fun of WhatsApp With Tweet You see below, very simple and without any hint of privacy.

But then, somewhat unexpectedly WhatsApp He replied As you can see below: The well-known news site mentions the fact that the Telegram Does not work by default End-to-end encryption in the chats of its users. But the Telegram immediately responded by claiming that it was WhatsApp’s encrypted chats Accessed from Apple, Why iOS Users Backup to iCloud To Google, Because the backup on Android takes place on the drive, and From WhatsApp Restore backups only with the user’s phone number.

After this last answer, they came Two denials For Telegram: Well known developer Alessandro Balusi WhatsApp encrypted chats ending in iCloud and Drive are, in fact, They are inaccessible Since you need to open the cryptographic key from Apple and Google. This was also confirmed WABetaInfo.

To do it Ace It is also true that the ability to set up WhatsApp on Telegram is enabled Password Backup databases can be accessed by individual users, by adding one Extra protective layer.

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Via: WABetaInfo