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"Those who die in the past do not know how to rule", de Christina: "Those who were before are with Greco"

“Those who die in the past do not know how to rule”, de Christina: “Those who were before are with Greco”

Kela. If there had been some initial hypotheses for the opening, it certainly seems to have been set aside. A kind of political iron curtain has turned between Mayor Lucio Greco and local demos. The local party attacked the management of the “Solido” case and the transfer of students to the “Benedictine” structure. For Dem, it was a “failure”. Greco responded to the board and also levied democratic administrative responsibilities, which would also be based on the lack of investment in school buildings. The mayor now puts both the Dem and the center-right opposition on the same level. The lawyer talked about “enemies of the city.” Democrat provincial secretary Pepe de Cristina, who presented the reason for the farewell to the “Rainbow” coalition last year, did not wait long to clarify that the Greek chapter was at least closed for his party. “History teaches us that in order to avoid their responsibilities, we do not know how to rule others, especially in the past management, in the here and now.” De Cristina wrote without direct references on her Facebook profile, but the recipient of the political letter was precisely the mayor. “But we want to quietly remind you that those who have ruled the city for the last ten years have taken refuge in his company or on the right,” he reiterated without directly referring to the mayor.

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