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Diese Datei kann nicht sicher heruntergeladen werden - so klappt der Download mit Edge trotzdem

This file could not be downloaded safely – so the download still works with Edge ›Dr. Windows

“Downloading this file is not secure” – Microsoft Edge users may receive this message when attempting to download. What’s behind it, and how can you still download it?

Since version 94 of Microsoft Edge, downloads from Microsoft Edge with an encrypted link are automatically blocked (Google Chrome and other browsers work the same way).

It looks like, for example:

Blockierter HTTP Download mit Microsoft Edge

The message does not mean that the file you are trying to download is malicious, it is the type of link that causes the blockage. The download takes place via http, i.e. not encrypted. However, in the meantime, https should be standard, which is why all browser providers start blocking http links or generally refer to them as insecure – they are.

As you can see in the screenshot above, DrWindows downloads have not been encrypted until recently, but in the meantime we have changed that.

If a download is blocked in this way and you firmly believe that the source and the download are trustworthy, you can force the download.

To do this, click on the three dots next to the corresponding entry in the download list, and then click “Keep”.

Open the blocked HTTP download on the Edge - Step 1

In regular Windows mode, the second step is to confirm that you firmly believe your reason:

Edge - Open the blocked HTTP download in step 2

If you click “Keep Anyway” the download will be activated. Don’t be surprised if the download is already done, because Edge still downloads the file in the background, but blocks access to the file. If you do not follow the steps above, it will be removed from the cache once the browser is closed.

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