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Le malware TeaBot vise les SMS et applications bancaires en Europe. © issaronow, Adobe Stock

This virus reads your SMS to access your bank accounts

The new Android malware is hidden as popular apps. Once installed, the depot uses special permissions to read text messages and screen content, targeting applications from more than 60 banks across Europe.

Banks mainly use a Personal code sent by SMS To protect payments. However, this system is considered unsafe and banks will have to switch to a until next year Recognition Improved, especially with mobile app. A new one Malware Surely Android Take advantage of this deadline to target Europeans’ bank accounts.

Discovered by Debot, also known as Anatsa Cyber ​​Security Company Cliffy. Malware looks like everyone else Applications Using a similar technique to trick users into installing DTV, VLC Media Player, DHL, UPS and more Flobot. This is new Virus, Still in development, currently targeting sixty banks located in Europe, mainly Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is currently translated into six languages, including French.

Malware capable of controlling mobile

DePat is trying to establish itself as an Android service, which allows it to bypass access services to read and hide text messages containing one-time codes. It asks permission to monitor your actions and retrieve content Windows And make arbitrary gestures. Malware can steal bank card identifiers and numbers Override a fake page Above banking applications. It records all key pressures and takes Screen shot And can take full control of the device.

This malware is difficult to detect because it hides itself when its icon disappears. Not on the Depot Play Shop From Google. However, one should not underestimate the phishing and social engineering techniques that can be used to deceive users in downloading and uploading. Install your APK file.