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Sur Terre comme sur d’autres planètes, les ouragans comme celui-ci sont fréquents. Mais pour la première fois, des chercheurs de l’université de Reading (Royaume-Uni) ont observé un ouragan spatial, dans la haute atmosphère de notre Planète. © OSORIOartist, Adobe Stock

A space hurricane was spotted for the first time!

Unleashed hurricane in the upper atmospheres of the planets. Space hurricanes. The researchers had imagined their existence. They have proved it by observing one of these phenomena above the North Pole of our Earth.

This happened on August 20, 2014 North Pole. But that was only discovered Reading University Researchers (UK) Recently, while browsing images from four DMSP satellites (Defense Weather Satellite Project). The first “space hurricane” in our Earth’s upper atmosphere. Or any other planet in that regard.

Remember that Traditional hurricane Occurs in the lower atmosphere – other planets, such as Earth or Mars Thursday Or Saturn. When a Wind Hot and humid rise, which creates a low zone Pressure Near the surface attracting the surrounding air. As a result, Holes Very violent with Clouds And heavy rain.

Rain of electrons

What the researchers have identified here is not a pattern of rotation in air, but is found in plasma Upper atmosphere Of the earth. And elsewhere The Solar System Even. So the space hurricane turns in the opposite direction several hundred kilometers above the North Pole, about 1,000 kilometers away, with a quiet heart and many swirling weapons. As Rainfall, Electrons Energies – accelerated to about 10 keV, rather than drops of water. The whole thing is maintained for about eight hours before collapsing.

Researchers have created a 3D model of a space hurricane that recreates its key properties and explains its formation. From exceptionally large and rapid transfersEnergy of Solar wind And charged particles in the Earth’s upper atmosphere. And so on Hurricane Space can be a global phenomenon provided by planetary bodies Magnetic fields You plasma.