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WhatsApp, Expired: Who can no longer use the app, what happens

WhatsApp, Expired: Who can no longer use the app, what happens

Today, Saturday 15th May, we have arrived at the Day of Judgment Share Privacy rules are changing. Those who do not accept the new rules are less likely to re-use the popular messaging app. Of course, your account will not be deleted, but the restrictions will be in effect and will not be usable.

Final warning expired

Last week we reminded you of the changes that are coming soon. Certainly not without controversy. Earlier this year, WhatsApp announced to its users New Privacy Policy Also, after a slight delay due to the hype it created, it will be operational today. Those who are unwilling to accept the new rules will not see their account dissolve in thin air, it will continue to be, and there will only be a deterioration through service and user experience. To be clear, access to chats will be limited and only certain functions will be allowed to be used.

Fullscreen reminder

So, in a nutshell, today is the last day for you to accept the new WhatsApp privacy policy. As explained, from May 15 “No accounts will be deleted and no activity will be lost as a result of this update”. The application will display a fullscreen reminder to invite users to accept the terms. “The reminder will continue after a few weeks” e If the person does not accept the new corporate policy.

What can we do anymore

The chat list that is hidden by the reminder is no longer accessible. You cannot make calls or video calls, but only answer incoming people. When WhatsApp notifications are active, you can reply to messages or initiate calls exclusively from the dialog box within the notification. Or even one Video call By tapping missed call notifications. A few weeks after the reminder appeared on our screen, “WhatsApp will stop sending and receiving calls to the accounts of those who do not accept the Privacy Policy”.

New WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Interview Print, Explained Enrico Ferraris, a Turin lawyer who specializes in protecting personal data “The The Privacy Policy is the same as it was at the beginning of the year, with the last modified date being January: the date on which the changes took effect and the only steps WhatsApp has decided to follow to convince us to accept the new information. From what is understood, the new law should clarify some points and add some protection to the data of those who do not use WhatsApp, which were not there before. Ferraris further explained: “Application Geolocation Through IP and other methods, GPS localization clarifies how data on reports and reports about violations of the Terms of Service is processed. “.

Initially, one speculated that due to controversy and user dissatisfaction, many would have abandoned WhatsApp in favor of Telegram, Signal and other similar applications, with reviews primarily concerned with data sharing. Facebook. It only affects WhatsApp business accounts. “An external audit will obviously be needed to understand if everything is working as specified, but for European users it can be said that nothing will change compared to the privacy policy that WhatsApp released in April 2018, shortly before the use of GDPR” , Then he promised Ferraris.

Order for Hamburg and Facebook

Despite these guarantees, Germany, through the Hamburg Privacy Commission, has ordered the blocking of German WhatsApp user data collection for the American social network. According to Johannes Caspar, chairman of the oversight committee, i Methods Used to allow users to accept new rules. Caspar actually insisted on it“This order aims to guarantee the rights and freedoms of millions of users across Germany who accept the terms”. He means “Prevent damage and disadvantages associated with such closed box practice”.

Facebook’s response was not long, and a spokesman clarified that the German supervisor’s decision was incorrect and would not stop publishing or disseminating new privacy service terms. At the foot, again according to the social network, there will be one Misinterpretation We remind you once again of the consequences and intentions of modifying the information, effective from today, Saturday, May 15th.

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