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This Pokémon playground in Japan makes children’s hearts beat faster – ntower

In a small park in the Japanese province of Fukushima, a giant Pokmon has recently appeared – along with a small Pokமொmon, inhabiting a gigantic Shanxi. This PokéPark is not just for watching. Namie in Fukushima gets the whole thing Playground with different Pokemon, Which is expected to open its doors in December. Three more parks are planned in the province – it was already in the Japanese in October Pokemon-website Announced. But why a great Sanchi found a place was also discussed Official website Explained:


“In February 2019, Sansi named Fukushima a pro-Fokushima. This Pokmon is said to bring good luck, which is reflected in Fukushima’s etymology because” Fuku “stands for good luck. The image of Fukushima, with its sacred name, is closely linked to various new products offered to residents and visitors.

Well, because sanera means “rocky” in Japanese, which can be translated as “luck”. Two Twitter users have already visited the park, it is still closed and have shared their posts on Twitter. The children will soon be witnessing, with the exception of the large Sanira, which is exposed on two slides On the cheek And Dust. A few more steps above you can get one Slurp slide Meet. Check out the pictures here:

Despite being the symbol of Shanxi Province, this park is not only dedicated to the egg type Pokemon. It represents the public playground with the pink Pokmon. You can also see the back of the attractions in the following pictures:

Would you like to see such a park in Germany too?

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