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Advent Calendar Door 1: Win the Nintendo Gaming Set

Advent Calendar Door 1: Win the Nintendo Gaming Set

Advent Calendar Contest, Door 10: Win the Nintendo Gaming suite

With brand new Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Thanks to the 7-inch OLED screen and narrower bezels – enjoy all video games in a whole new light. Regardless of whether you are running at breathtaking speeds or chasing enemies – the dense colors of the screen and its high variation provide an impressive gaming experience in portable and table modes.

But it also comes in handy in the game. Ring-con ready, on an adventure full of leg strap on and off games! In the exercise video game Ring Fit Adventure Travel to an imaginary world to beat a bodybuilder dragon craft with real workouts. Run fast across open meadows, attack enemies with overhead pressures and replenish your energy with yoga poses.

Relaxation is provided: In Animal Crossing: New Horizons With the Nintendo Switch, players begin a sober life on a lonely island full of beautiful animals that they can design to suit their mood. They collect materials and use them to build houses, furniture and tools. The terrain in the game can be redesigned to suit your own ideas.

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