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This new WhatsApp feature may change a lot - Panorama

This new WhatsApp feature may change a lot – Panorama

The company wants to release additional features – when? –
33 minutes ago

Users will soon be able to temporarily unsubscribe from WhatsApp when they have enough push messages.

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WhatsApp is still the largest ambassador service in the world. More than one and a half billion people use social networking to stay in touch with people personally and professionally. Those responsible for keeping the offer attractive and up to date are constantly doing new functions. Some features bring extra value – others are dug into the digital tank.

New functionality in WhatsApp: This is what users have been waiting for

WhatsApp is now planning a new feature that could turn into a small revolution. So far the ambassador has not been able to leave the service. If you do not want to be bothered, you should disable your notifications – or uninstall the app completely on your smartphone. Almost every portal, every social network and every application has an exit. Not WhatsApp.

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That needs to change. This feature is to be introduced in the upcoming version of WhatsApp. But why? In principle, disabling notifications is enough to avoid being disturbed by Bush news. However, in that update, the company releases another function. Like the portal WABetaInfo Announced, WhatsApp wants to introduce a new feature called “Multi Device”. This means that a browser-based application – that is, texting via a laptop – is possible without WhatsApp enabled on the mobile phone. This should be possible with four different devices at once.

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This is where the exit function makes sense again. Users can use it to log out of their own cell phone, but also manage their business account via laptop. Companies, clubs and groups can use an account collectively. It is not yet clear when the two inventions will be available – so far WhatsApp is backtracking with the details.

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