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Clubhouse : comment fonctionne l

How does the application work and receive calls?

[CLUBHOUSE] Trendy New Social Network 100% Voice. Launched in the United States in March 2020, this application allows you to join discussion forums on a variety of topics.

Clubhouse voice app was introduced in California in March 2020 by two famous Americans Paul Davison and Rohan Seth from Silicon Valley. First, the highlight was when his sidekick was an engineer at Google in the origins of social utility. For the moment offered only on iOS, it allows its users to join chat rooms and rooms, where at certain times topics are discussed through entrepreneurship, personal development, and social issues. In an experience like podcast style circularity there is no video or photo in the clubhouse, only the voice. Application, for now In beta, Has already attracted more than 1.5 million users. Without an economic model (no advertising, no more than a freemium system), it would already be estimated at almost a billion dollars. This application is available worldwide, except for China, on February 8, 2021.

At Clubhouse, as with any social network, we create a profile and subscribe to our areas of interest and accounts provided to us according to our contact book. Each user must attach a phone number to the application and provide their real identity (although this may not actually be verified). In entrepreneurship, hobby or personal development, discussions are organized in rooms and meeting rooms at specific times to discuss specific topics. These discussions have a half-participation dimension between the round table and the podcast format. Once the discussion has begun, participants can be asked to intervene through the “raise your hand” feature. Room managers can then decide to “go on stage” with them. The “Explore” tab allows you to find new rooms, categorized by theme, which can accommodate up to 5,000 people at a time. Their organizers may decide to keep these rooms public, so they are open to everyone or private, and therefore only open to the typography of the profiles.

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You have to be patient as part of the clubhouse, during its beta, chose to open only to a few who received an offer. The application actually chooses to build via a sponsorship system. A modus operandi that illustrates part of its success, the application of playing in the formo effect (fear of disappearance) that can provoke the general public. Each new user receives two invitations, which he can distribute as he wishes. These are so rare that they are now sold on the web, with auctions ranging from $ 200 in the clubhouse. Undoubtedly to avoid overflowing, the app has decided to hold everyone accountable for the behavior of their guests. Excessive actions of a user will reflect the person who introduced him to the platform and he will also be excluded if inappropriate behavior occurs. Most patients can download the application, put themselves on a waiting list, and set aside a nickname, which will be given to them as soon as the clubhouse gives them access.

Currently, the Clubhouse app is not available on iOS. So you have to go to the App Store to download the app. To download Clubhouse on iOS, click here.

The iPhone is currently the only smartphone that can run the Clubhouse app. The founders have decided to postpone the release of Android.

The function of the clubhouse is discussed in several respects. First, the application, which starts when you enter your phone number, automatically imports your contact book, creating a profile for all subsequent members, whether they have the application or not. But it also records all the discussions that take place in the rooms. A way for the clubhouse to make sure these are not complicated. It is even more worrying Report from Stanford Web Lab It was revealed that some user metadata was not encrypted. A German consumer association Alpha Exploration and Co, the clubhouse’s parent company, has accused the company of violating “serious legal loopholes” and public data protection regulation (GDPR) in the region.

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