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This new WhatsApp feature automatically removes embarrassing messages - Panorama

This new WhatsApp feature automatically removes embarrassing messages – Panorama

Company now fulfills user request –
14 minutes ago

Users have wanted this for years: the chance to keep messages on WhatsApp will then disappear again. Whether in your professional or personal life: This is often the case nowadays, and news from the past is bringing you into unpleasant situations. The internet will never be forgotten. At least the developers of WhatsApp are helping users to soften this rule a bit.

Now you can activate messages running in chats. It looks like this: If this option is enabled, all messages sent in this chat will disappear from history after seven days. To do this, the user must call the relevant chat and activate the “running messages” in the settings there. This way, you can customize the function in each chat. This means that although in some processes messages can be deleted automatically after seven days, messages can be retained in other chats – if the user wishes. However, it should be noted: if a screen shot is taken within these seven days, it is theoretically possible for someone else to store messages from you on their device.

With this option you can delete a lot of unwanted messages without the user having to worry about deleting them individually. WhatsApp is based on the Snapshot app. For many years all the news and pictures were only shown here once. If a user takes a screen shot, the sender of the message will be notified directly here. WhatsApp does not currently have this announcement. Images with outdated functionality cannot be provided at this time. However, the network community already expects this functionality to be added to WhatsApp in the coming months.

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