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Battlefield 6: Towards massive destruction in the next game?  |  Xbox One

Next demand speed postponed, criterion now focuses on battlefield | Xbox One

Electronic Arts will finally release a new Need for Speed ​​game in 2021. The reason given is very simple, it is a priority for the next battlefield that has not yet been officially announced.

Criteria for giving a hand on Battlefield 6

Officially, Electronic Arts has announced a new Need for Speed ​​game and a new battlefield before March 2022. But even with the choice of it, EA wanted to confirm the release Battlefield VI At the end of 2021.

Laura Mail confirms this information with Polygon. The head of EA Studios clarified that the contagious working conditions and the acquisition of Godmasters will allow EA to release at least one racing game later this year, which will allow it to rearrange the scale for the next battlefield.

It is not possible for us to make such a decision without adding criteria and discussing with them first and making the impact they can have on the battlefield. They worked [Star Wars] Battlefield, they worked on the battlefield, and they have a very close collaboration with Dice. I have no doubt that it will be a positive success for them.

However, Laura Mail notes that the next Need for Speed ​​will be created by them, even if the scale is credited on the battlefield. There is no question of changing hands or giving the series to the codemasters, the acquisition by EA will be finalized in the spring. So the next Need for Speed ​​Xbox Series X | The S and PS5 consoles will be postponed for a year, but for older generations with the Xbox One and PS4, there is still a huge fleet of millions of consoles in use.

Creating games is one of the most sophisticated and complex forms of media, and it takes creative energy and interaction with team members. I think there was fatigue and burning while working from home. It has to do with the needs that a lot of people have with their families. Some take care of their children at home [pendant qu’ils travaillent]. So our productivity is not so high and there is not much creative connection and creative energy when working from home.

We learned that last month Dice Los Angeles Studio also helped develop the next battlefield. Laura Mail mentions that they have been in it for more than a year, and more specifically Direct service, In other words, long-term sports support.

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